Post-Game: Mets 11, Braves 5

A dreary day in Atlanta yesterday carried on to today. The Mets fell to the Atlanta Braves in Georgia today, 11-5.

The Mets (2-2) fell behind by a run early on, but they tied the game up at one-run apiece in the second inning. John Maine took the loss, and ugly loss, as he went on to give up three more runs before exiting after four innings. The Mets bounced back with a two-run fifthjohn-maine-april-5.jpg, but the score did not hold up.

The Braves (2-3) stormed their way to a victory by scoring seven runs in next three innings combined. The eleven runs scored by Atlanta were powered by Larry Jones’ three hits, Kelly Johnson’s pinch-hit grand-slam off Jorge Sosa, and Jeff Francoeur’s three RBI.

If you noticed, Ruben Gotay was quite pleased with his results. He came up to bat and rocketed a pinch-hit single, while eventually coming around to score.

As for the Mets, some players on offense looked real nice. Carlos Delgado, although he was quite behind on some inside pitches, he had a nice little single through the shift early on, then pulled a double to right field off former Met Royce Ring.

Jose Reyes smashed a line drive to centerfield, which was trapped. An umpire seemed to believe the ball was caught, but after Willie Randolph argued, the umpires huddled up and overturned the call. Of course, if there is some kind of a controversial call on the field when it has to do with the Atlanta Braves, don’t forget to bet money that Bobby Cox will certainly be out on the field arguing about something, too. He doesn’t always know what he is arguing about, but he loves to argue!

The Mets had Jorge Sosa in to pitch the eighth inning, but after allowing runners to reach base and getting into trouble, Rick Peterson (with his jacket on) went out to have a chat with him. After the Mets decided not to remove Sosa when he was in serious trouble, he continued to crumble, giving up a grand slam to Kelly Johnson, as I mentioned before.

Next Mets Test:

Tomorrow the Mets will face the Braves in the second and final game of this shortened series at 1:30pm. This is the game we really wanted to see, not today’s. Johan Santana will face John Smoltz. Another reason why I did not like today’s game was the fact that Joe Buck and Tim McCarver were the commentators. When Joe Buck’s lips move, it means that he is trashing a New York team. I always prefer the honest Gary, Keith, Ron, and Kevin over the biased McCarthy, Buck, and Rosenthal.


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