Phillies people whine

At, J. Weitzel had the silliest thing to say about the walk-off loss the Phillies had against the Mets in the final game of their series.

Here is what happened: Angel Pagan had a walk-off single that scored Jose Reyes, who was flying around the bases. The play was a close one, but after I looked at the replay, the correct call was indeed made, and the Mets won the game. What J. Weitzel said was so silly that I laughed out loud. Not just in my head, but out loud.
This is what he said in the post-game recap at the Philles blog:

“Despite the incorrect ruling at home, the Mets did enough to earn the win and take the Eric Bruntlett Series.”

Sorry, Phillies fans, but the Mets won that series fair and square. You couldn’t just put that the Mets won, you just had to say that it was the Eric Bruntlett (who filled in for Jimmy Rollins at SS and made errors) series and that the call was wrong.


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