Reyes finally caught stepping out

I’ve mentioned it several times. I tell every Mets blogger I know and they just say they’ve never seen it before. I mention it to people that I know watch the Mets every day and they act like I’m crazy.Reyes HR

Finally, somebody is thinking along the same path as I am. When Jose Reyes strides at a pitch as a right-handed batter, his stride foot steps out toward shortstop when the pitch is coming, and when the pitch has already arrived, he steps back in. You would think a batter would step toward the pitch so that you could actually reach a pitch on the outside. Well, Reyes does not and it causes him to pop up, swing and a miss, and wonder why a strike three was called because it looks so far outside to him.

While I was watching yesterday’s Mets game, Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling were trying to figure out why Reyes has been struggling at the plate and found the same problem I have seen for years. I’m very surprised that no coach has ever picked this up.


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