Santana gives up too many long balls in loss

brewers-beat-mets-april-12.jpgThe Jose Reyes-less Mets lost game two of a three-game series with the Milwaukee Brewers, 5-3. The Mets sent their ace, Johan Santana to the Shea Stadium mound for the first time, but Johan left too many pitches over the plate.

Carlos Delgado and David Wright each had doubles early on in the second inning, but the Brewers chipped away. One run here and one run there turned into a Brewers lead, but in the seventh inning, it all fell apart for Santana. He gave up a two-run homer, his third of the game, and was removed after going 6.2 innings.

David Wright hit a home run in the eighth inning, but that wasn’t enough. The Mets offense never scored again and was dominated throughout most of the game by Brewers starter, Ben Sheets.

Eric Gagne quickly shut down the Mets in the ninth inning for his second save of the season.

According to the information‘s Matthew Cerrone was able to gather, Jose Reyes will likely return on Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Santana gives up too many long balls in loss

  1. I read in my local paper today that Willie Randoph will use Moises Alou when he comes off of the disabled list.
    I would like fans comments on why he chooses to play the high salary, rather than the hot hand (350+) average.

  2. I personally believe that Randolph intends to play the experienced bat (Alou).

    Alou has proven that as soon as he comes off the DL, he can have an immediate impact (his 30+ gm hit streak last year) and will do anything he can to catch a ball, even if it means diving on a bad knee.

    I see your reason as to why the Mets should use Pagan, and I think they will try and use him as much as possible when Alou returns.
    I also believe that Pagan will again play left field this year because Alou likely won’t last when he comes off the DL.

    If you would like to get more information on Alou, click on the “Matt’s Interviews” bar on the right side of the site to see my interview I had with Alou during Spring Training

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