Injury Report: Castillo, Duque in bad shape

Mets 2B Luis Castillo is still having serious problems with his surgically-repaired knee from last season. Though surgically repaired, he still has missed time this season and plans to miss more. While talking to the NY Post, he said: “Sometimes, I do (need time off). When I play three or four games in a row, maybe I can get a day off. I’m going to talk to Willie about it.”

That was the stupidest thing I’ve seen a player say in awhile. First of all, he shouldn’t have opened his mouth. Secondly, opening your mouth controversially before even talking to the manager first?! Willie will not be happy after he hears that.

Everyone who was against this four-year, $25 million dollar deal was right on the money. At this point, how could you give a player as unreliable when it comes to health as him more than one year? Beats me.

Duque can’t even drive

The NY Post was told by Mets GM Omar Minaya that the boot is still on El Duque and he can’t even drive! In other news, Ramon Castro and Moises Alou are both close to returning to the team from the Disabled List, but Jose Valentin’s career may be over, as Omar Minaya told the Post that he was not close to returning.
I was hoping Valentin could do the same thing he did in 2006, coming from the bottom up. He looked fine in Spring Training when I was there. I know he was recovering from a surgery in the off-season in which he had parts of a human stomach inserted into his leg, but now the neck thing doesn’t look so great.


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