Mets take first two of three vs. rival Phils

mets-beat-phils-april-20.jpgJose Reyes hit a home run and David Wright had a two-run double as the Mets soared past the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park, 4-2.

Oliver Perez never allowed a run in his 5.2 innings, racking up seven strikeouts and walking five. The bullpen was used heavily yet again, as six more pitchers followed Perez. Scott Schoeneweis and Joe Smith gave up a run apiece, cutting the lead in half. Aaron Heilman got himself out of big trouble with a strikeout in the eighth, while Billy Wagner snatched his fourth save of the season.

The first three batters in the Mets lineup (Reyes, Church & Wright) each had two hits in the game, while the seventh, eighth, and ninth hitters in the lineup (Schneider, Castillo, Perez) all had one hit apiece.

I never realized how much better of a catcher in terms of receiving the ball Paul Lo Duca was over Brian Schneider. Unlike most catchers, Schneider doesn’t frame the ball correctly. The act of framing the pitch means that the catcher tries to fool the umpire by making the pitch look like a strike. Not necessarily bringing the pitch back into the strike zone, but putting the glove at an angle that makes the ball appear to be more of a strike. Instead of holding the glove up strong on pitches that are a bit low or outside, Schneider just drops the glove and drives the ball out of the zone, which nearly always results in an umpire calling a ball, because how could that be a strike? Because of Schneider, there were more balls called than there should have been yesterday.

On the other hand, I do not like sidearm pitchers because they have zero accuracy. Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano often get behind hitters too often and end up walking too many batters. It seems the only time they don’t walk a batter is because the batter is silly enough to swing at the pitch. If batters do not swing at sidearm pitchers, I guarantee it will be a walk on four pitches more often than not. Sidearm pitchers just do not have the accuracy.

Next Mets Test

The Mets will face the Phillies on national television tonight at Citizens Bank Park at 8 pm to play the final game of this three-game series. Following the game, the team will fly to Chicago to play a quick two-game series against the Cubs at Wrigley Field.


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