Series Conclusion: Mets swept in two games at Wrigley

Because of computer problems, the post-game recap that I wrote around noon today about yesterday’s game was lost. I saved it, but when I came back to it, it was gone and nowhere to be found.

So for that reason, I will instead write a series conclusion detailing the Mets’ short-lived time in Wrigley Field for the season.cubs-beat-mets.jpg

Last night, a close game turned into a blowout before anyone’s very eyes, as the Mets lost 7-1. Aaron Heilman allowed the bases to become loaded, including a hit batsmen, and this all with nobody out in the eighth. Somehow, he was able to get two quick outs including a pop-up, and nearly ended the inning. Nearly. A Ronny Cedeno shot up the middle unloaded the game and put the Mets to sleep for the night. When Heilman appeared to have himself saved, he let it slip out of his hands.

Following him, Jorge Sosa came in to try and finish the inning, but he ended up allowing a rocket home run to right field by Felix Pie. Starting pitcher John Maine got the loss, but boy has he had some bad luck? He only allowed two runs in a solid six innings.

Today’s game: Cubs 8, Mets 1

A struggling Mets team that was on a roll before hitting the road, was swept by the Chicago Cubs in two games at Wrigley Field. Losing the final of a three-game series in Philadelphia, then two in Chicago has put the team in a slump heading int


o the upcoming two-game series against Washington.

Surprising pitcher of the season Nelson Figueroa pitched five plus inning

s for the Mets behind very sloppy defense, allowing three earned runs. Scott Schoeneweis, who has been used very lightly as of late, pitched in the sixth and walked a batter, while Joe Smith came in and gave up a run. The walks seemed to be out of control, as F

eliciano then walked a batter, giving the Mets pitching eight walks on the day. If it couldn’t get any worse, Jorge Sosa allowed a walk in the eighth inning. Also in the eighth, Ronny Cedeno hit a grand slam off Sosa. Ouch.

Now lets talk run support. What? Run support? I’m sorry, but I don’t see it. Five hits. FIVE! The Mets just haven’t had the run support since they lost the finale in Philly. This whole Philly thing keeps coming back like it’s haunting us. Angel Pagan, Carlos Delgado, Damion Easley, and Brady Clark were the only ones with hits, and each of them only had one, with Pagan the sole hitter with an extra-base hit on the team.

Let’s hope the Mets take their long time off until tomorrow night and rest up because they have been in the air and everywhere in the past few days.

Two big helping things coming up for the Mets: Rest and an ace! Money-man Johan Santana will try and be the stopper tomorrow night for the Mets’ first trip to the Nats’ new ballpark.


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