Mets are refreshed and rested

The Mets flew out of Chicago to Washington last night following the quick series against the Cubs. There was time to sleep, but the time was in the wildest parts of the day. The team flew from Philadelphia to Chicago and arrived in Chicago at around 4 AM Monday morning. They played a night game, but they likely had to sleep through the day. The following day, the Mets had a short night as they played a day game before leaving.

This seems tough, but it’s even worse in the Minor Leagues where players sit in buses for hours and expect to perform at their best when gametime rolls around. If these players are not able to do that, their job is quickly on the line.

I’m expecting the Mets to get a nice start to this series against Washington, and here are a few key reasons why:

• The team ace, Johan Santana is pitching tonight coming off a win.

• The players should be well-rested with a long gap of time since their last game (night game after a day game). This team has several older players on it, and the older players need their rest. Carlos Delgado hasn’t been hitting so great as of late, so hopefully this will help him get back on track. If anyone can remember, he was doing well earlier in the month when the Mets had so much rest.

• Starting catcher Brian Schneider should be able to return to the line-up and try to keep his surprisingly productive bat going.

• At 6-15, the Nationals have Major League Baseball’s worst record. At the end of tomorrow’s final game of the two-game series, I’ll be interested to see what that record stands at.


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