Mets split two game series with Nats

Game 1 Final: Mets 7, Nationals 1

Some players, such as, Jose Reyes couldn’t even get a hit, but Johan Santana had two doubles for the Mets. Santana flew around the bases as he crushed the ball deep into the outfield. Who would have guessed he was in the AL for the beginning of his career and never hit? Well, we all knew that he could hit because of his triples at Shea Stadium last season when theTwins did play some away interleeague games.

On the mound, Santana (3-2) pitched an effective seven innings and allowed only two runs. Sanchez and Wagner pitched the eighth and ninth innings as each never even allowed a hit.

Acquiring Santana was huge in several reasons, but without him, stopping skids like this would be much more difficult for the Mets. Santana came in and stopped the bleeding at the perfect time.

Game 2 Final: Nationals 10, Mets 5

A three run lead in the bottom of the fifth inning isn’t a bad thing, but when your bullpen is as unpredictable as the Mets’ bullpen is, you never know what will happen. Take 2007 for example. But last night, the bullpen fell apart as quickly as it did against the Cubs the other night. You’ll never guess who was the scapegoat, either. Darn, you guessed right. It was Aaron Heilman. He gave up a grand slam just moments after Oliver Perez was relieved with two outs in the sixth. Two outs and he couldn’t even get one out. I’m not sure what to think of Aaron Heilman right now, because he has either done horrible or decent so far this season, with horrible being more often.

At the plate, Carlos Beltran hit a home run to right field as a lefty batter, much like he did at the old Nationals stadium. If things couldn’t get any worse, Jorge Sosa gave up three more runs.

It’s a bit sad to know that the Mets had a shutout going until the fifth inning, but the Nationals still were able to score in the double digits.

I, and Met fans all over, are growing impatient with the lack of production from Carlos Delgado this season, just like last season. He is getting RBIs, but he isn’t doing anything close to what he was supposed to do when he signed with the Mets.


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