Fire HoJo!

Yes, I know it is early. Yes, I know the pitching staff is also to blame because of the grand slams and hundreds of other problems… Hojo

but the Mets hitters are taking too many strikes, swinging off-balance, and leaving too many runners on. These players are supposed to be among the best in the Major Leagues, especially with the contracts they are under. How often do you find a first baseman making over 15 million dollars in a season with as many hits as I can count on one hand in two weeks and a batting average in the 100’s?

How often do you see a player that has a $199 million dollar contract routinely grounding out and jogging to first base at-bat after at-bat?

How about arguably the fastest player in baseball hitting the ball with such a loopy swing and stepping out of the box as a righty batter, making it impossible to reach an outside pitch? 

Or even one of baseball’s best hitters, the third baseman, who is currently in the longest hit drought of his career?

Maybe it isn’t a good idea to fire Howard Johnson. I know the fans love the guy, but they don’t know much. Maybe the Mets shouldn’t fire him because they just fired a hitting coach last year during the season…

but what should they do? I can’t think of many other reasons than to find a better hitting coach.


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