From ophers to dingers: Delgado hits two HRs as Mets win series

delgado-hr.jpgThings weren’t looking so bright for Carlos Delgado and the Mets following a series-opening loss to the Braves on Friday night at Shea Stadium. Since then, the Mets won the series by taking back-to-back games, while Carlos Deglado increased his home run total in this young season to three.

The Mets rocked John Smoltz, who had his share of pathetic excuses following the game, saying that he left due to shoulder discomfort. Whatever. Smoltz only lasted four innings and allowed four runs.

Carlos Delgado took Smoltz to the opposite field in the second inning for his first homer of the game, then took Will Ohman deep in the seventh. The fans desperately wanted a curtain call, which Delgado declined. I’m fine with that and respect that decision completely.

Endy Chavez, although he has had some nice, smooth, but unlucky line drives right at guys, he is struggling at the plate, and yesterday went 0-3. His batting average is down to .160. Still not at his best, Jose Reyes went 1-4 with a double yesterday. He hasn’t been able to do much at the plate with a .237 average thus far. All of a sudden, Luis Castillo has been on fire. He went 3-5 yesterday.

Ryan Church went 0-4, but made a crazy, tumbling catch at the wall in right-center, as he hit the ground hard and got up slowly.

How about Raul Casanova? He also took Smoltz deep with a homer in the second. A usually poor hitter, Casanova has been a pleasant surprise as the Mets try to clear up their catching situation.

Brian Schneider was expected to get released from the hospital from his thumb infection, so hopefully everything went as planned. He is expected to be back in the lineup by mid-week. Lets hope Ramon Castro can get back as soon as possible so we can finally have our tandem of Schneider and Castro. Remember, I was the one that said Castro would become the starting catcher by mid-season, which still is possible. I did, however, predict this before Castro was injured in Spring Training.

Nelson Figueroa allowed three runs, while the four bullpen arms that threw yesterday never allowed any runners to pass home plate. Pedro Feliciano’s ERA stands at 1.13. You think that’s good? Billy Wagner’s stands at 0.00. He gave up his first hit of the season yesterday. If you have noticed, however, in the past two days, he has come very close to giving up home runs. Each day he allowed a fly ball at the very end of the warning track.

Other than the single and the near-homer, Wagner had no trouble slamming the door and clinching the series for the Mets.

Next Mets Test

Mets begin a three-game series with the Pirates tonight. The only problem with that? Look at the radar. Ha. I’m thinking the same thing.


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