Mets split first two with D-Backs

Game 1: Mets 7, D-Backs 2


Before the Diamondback outfielders even became set for the first pitch of the series, Jose Reyes was on third base with a triple. Reyes had four hits in the game, including another triple and a double. David Wright and Ryan Church each had homers off starter Micah Owings. Church had one in the fourth, while Wright’s game in the sixth.

Welcome back, Moises Alou. The often-injured left fielder c

rushed the ball through Orlando Cabrera’s legs in his first at-bat, and then later ripped one to left field. Whether he is 40 or 20, his swing has not slowed down one bit.

John Maine struggled at times, but still was able to get the win in this one. He went six innings and allowed two runs. Lets hope the Mets won’t overuse him because we all know what happened following the all-star break last season.

Whenever Carlos Delgado actually hits the ball and makes contact, it’s never a bad thing. He sent a pitch in the hole between first and second to get an RBI.

The Mets seem to have the best of luck when playing at this field. In recent history, they’ve won by seventeen runs, thirteen runs, and never seen to lose. I want these teams to face each other in the playoffs. What do you think?

Game 2: D-Backs 10, Mets 4

Remember how I said the Mets like to play in Arizona? Only when Mike Pelfrey does not pitch.

Pelfrey continued his recent struggles. Only able to go five innings, he gave up five runs and walked four. It’s one thing if you give up several hits, but when dbacks-beat-mets-may.jpgyou don’t have control…

Later in the game, Duaner Sanchez came in and threw a wild pitch that should have been fielded by Casanova. It was a very lazy job by Casanova on attempting to get that ball. The pitch was way outside to the left (Casanova’s right), and Casanova was still in the process of getting set when the pitch was coming. The ball was outside, and instead of diving outward for it, he just put down his knees and tried to block it that way. He was obviously not focusing.

Even though Duaner sanchez allowed some damage to be done, Scott Schoeneweis did horrible. He allowed a double down the line and the runners just started flying into home one by one. Of course the rules are stupid so all the runs were charged to Sanchez.

Carlos Delgado hit a three-run homer yesterday and seems to be doing just fine now. The homer was on a high pitch and Delgado launched it to left field. I could care less what his average is as long as he keeps getting RBIs and hitting homers.

After an explosive and great start to the season, David Wright’s batting average is now down to .286 following yesterday’s 0-4 performance.

Also struggling at the plate badly is Endy Chavez. He has hit some hard balls right at guys this year, but his average has dipped down the .194. He started yesterday and went 0-4. I’m starting to think that his nice contract he got before the season is making him feel more comfortable. It seems as if he doesn’t feel he needs to do well anymore or prove himself to anyone.


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