Figueroa, Mets lose opener vs. Nats

In a game that was compared to a day in late September of 2007, the Mets fell flat against the Washington Nationals, as they gave up ten runs and lost by six.

Nelson Figueroa was the losing pitcher, and it hurt him so badly to the point where he was designated for assignment the following day. With the game tied at three in the top of the fifth, the Nationals scored three very quick runs to take a 6-3 lead.

Following Figueroa was Jorge Sosa, who gave up four runs to turn this game into an ultimate disaster. Sosa was also designated for assignment following the game. With a ERA of 7.06, this season hasn’t exactly been the best of beginnings for him. It was just one year ago that he quickly racked up seven wins as a starter before slipping later in the season.

Duaner Sanchez, who has lost a scary amount of velocity to his fastball since his accident, pitched a perfect seventh inning before Joe Smith and Billy Wagner mopped up the final two innings.

Damion Easley had a nice home run in the second inning, which was the first of the year for him. I would like to see him hit some more clutch homers like he did last so often early on last season, so hopefully this is the first of many for him.

Moises Alou is a hitting machine whose swing never slows down. He is an old-style, no-batting glove, player who is fearless when it comes to getting hurt. If he could, he would play on a broken leg and dive after a ball if he had to. If he can just find a way to stay healthy somehow, just somehow through the rest of this season, it would be a key reason for the Mets success if they end up in the postseason. Moises has been heating up for the Mets, as he hit two doubles and a single in this game to raise his average to .345. There’s no surprise there. If anyone remembers, he had the longest hitting streak in New York history in several decades. That is quite an accomplishment, especially at his age.

Odalis Perez, who pitched for the Nationals, didn’t even pitch that well, but offset that by getting three hits and two RBIs.


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