Mets sweep Yanks in short series

First baseman Carlos Delgado unfairly had a three-run home run taken away from him by the umpires, and the Mets still won by nine runs, 11-2.

In the top of the fourth inning with two men on base, Carlos Delgado launched a ball toward the left field foul pole, and the ball dropped down and hit the pole. The umpire who was playing down the third base line originally signaled home run, but after the YANKEES argued, the umpires met up and were convinced that the ball was foul. At least it didn’t become a factor in the game with the Mets winning by so many runs, but the fact that a home run was taken away from Delgado’s stats is not a great thing.

Mets starter Oliver Perez, who can be scary at times, had his longest outing of the year as he pitched 7 2/3 innings, only allowing two runs. Joe Smith finished the inning off for him, while Scott Schoenweis pitched a scoreless inning to bring his ERA to 1.38

Jose Reyes has been getting hot and fast. He hit a double, the double that started the four-run fourth, off the wall that was played nicely by Bobby Abreu to prevent a triple. Reyes also hit a home run, his second in as many days. Ryan Church hit a home run in the sixth to give the Mets a 5-2 lead.

The Mets, who have won their second straight and fifth out of their last nine, found the perfect time to get hot with a big series against the division rival Atlanta Braves coming up.


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