Willie's comments, Heilman on trade block, and Pedro to DR

Mets manager Willie Randolph had some comments the other day regarding race and his status in New York. He said that he may be treated unfairly because of his race, noting that even though the Jets went to the playoffs several times under Herman Edwards, he was treated unfairly.image

This is an example of a time that Willie should not have said anything because anything he says will be used against him by the media. They want stories to write, so they want words to write about.

This is especially damaging to Willie’s status here in New York because of the fact that he is already getting hounded by the media since the Mets are playing ‘below their expectations’.

In other news, rumors are floating around that Mets reliever Aaron Heilman is on the trading block as the Mets search for a set-up man. Interesting.

Also, a day after Pedro Martinez announced that he may retire at season’s end due to his father’s health problems, he flew to the Dominican Republic to be with him, likely delaying his return to the team.


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