Mets sliding downhill as they lose first three of four vs. Atlanta

It was the third inning on a day that was described by SNY commentator Gary Cohen as "beautiful weather at 70 degrees" when everything seemed so peaceful. The Mets had a 1-0 lead and Mike Pelfrey, who was starting for the Mets, seemed to be on a roll and was mowing down the Braves lineup. However, a should-have-been routine grounder to second baseman Luis Castillo was bobbled and thrown late, allowing Mark Teixeira to reach base. Those things always come back to bite you, so, of course, the Braves ended up with three runs because of that, and never looked back.

Moises Alou left the game due to cramps in his left leg early on, as the Braves crushed balls into every gap at Turner Field. Marlon Anderson, usually an infielder, took some bad routes filling in for Alou, while Endy Chavez committed his first error since 2005.

On the bright side, Jose Reyes had two hits and a pair of steals, while Carlos Beltran started to show some signs of life with two hits, including a double. Carlos Delgado’s average dips further and further with every passing day. He went 0-3 to drop his average down to .217. David Wright also had two hits, including a single off the verrrry TIP of the bat.

The Mets will complete their horror series tonight at 7 pm in Atlanta, then fly out to Denver to face the Rockies at 9 pm tomorrow.

After pounding the Yankees deep into the New York ground, the Mets quickly killed any momentum they had and lost three games in a long two days that includedcontroversial comments by Willie Randolph regarding race.


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