Mets lose finale in Colorado

Another lead down the drain. The Mets often seem to grab the lead in a game, lose it, and never regain it. The Mets slipped back down to a game below .500, with John Maine giving up four runs on only three hits in six innings.

Jose Reyes was 1-4 with an RBI, the only Mets run of the game. Carlos Beltran, Brian Schneider, and Endy Chavez were the only others with hits in the finale.

David Wright went 0-4, including a check-swing strikeout that he knew automatically. He never even argued or stood around to wait. He just walked back to the dugout in disappointment.

Scott Schoenweis, who has pitched in what has seemed to be all losing situations, threw a scoreless inning as his ERA sat at a much-improved 1.42.

Carlos Delgado ended his three-game home run streak, but it is a positive sign for the future. With us knowing that Delgado can turn on one three games in a row is never a bad thing. Although I don’t expect it, I hope he keeps the power numbers up.


4 thoughts on “Mets lose finale in Colorado

  1. Maybe they should get Barry Bonds to play Left Field and keep Alou on the DL for ever. you can get him cheap these days

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