ESPN's late change no problem for Mets

A game that was originally scheduled for 1:10 pm at Shea Stadium due to the fact that both teams would be traveling the following day, the Mets and Dodgers were bumped up to 8 pm for ESPN’s National Television. This meant that two hours following the game, the team had to jet out to San Francisco and face the Giants.

I understand that the team policy is that they takes off two hours following the last game of a series, but when the team doesn’t play again for a full day, why not leave the next day?

Ryan Church returned to the lineup with a bang. Having been out since the head-to-knee collision in Atlanta, not counting some pinch-hit appearances, Church went 3-4 with a home run and a pair of RBIs. Church’s batting average stands at .320. Also with two RBIs were Carlos Beltran and David Wright, with Beltran going deep in the third inning.

Johan Santana got the win, never allowing any home runs in the process. He went 7 and 2/3 innings and gave up only one run.

Other than the five-run third for New York, not much else happened in this game. Both teams scored a run in the first, but it wasn’t anything near a back-and-forth or nail-biting game ESPN probably hoped it would be.


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