Mets drop 2 of 3 to Arizona at Shea

Wagner ruins a great start yet again

It was a perfect day in Flushing, New York. The negativity was gone, the prized ace was dominating the game, and the Mets were actually winning. Don’t get too comfortable with that photograph you have pictured in your head.

The Mets were up 4-0 in the eighth inning after Johan Santana went seven shutout innings, allowing only three hits altogether.

Joe Smith quickly allowed two runs following Johan’s departure, but still setup a multiple-run lead for Billy Wagner. Unbelievably, Wagner blew another multiple-run save, his fifth of the season. He allowed two runs to extend the game at least to the bottom of the ninth.

In the bottom of the ninth, the Mets showed signs of life that you wouldn’t expect from a team who just got a save blown. With two outs and bases loaded and Carlos Delgado on first, a ground ball to the shortstop JUST beat the step of Carlos Delgado to record the out and go to extra innings. Had the Mets maybe pinch-ran for Endy Chavez in that situation, the game may have turned out differently.

Unreliable Aaron Heilman then lost the game in the tenth inning, a game that the Mets desperately needed to stop, or at least slow down, these talks of a Willie Randolph firing.

Mets forced to settle for a walk-off

With all the negativity surrounding manager Willie Randolph recently, the Mets players needed a big game to regain some positive energy.

Although Billy Wagner blew a two-run lead in the ninth, the Mets stayed in the game just long enough for Beltran to launch one to right field in the bottom of the thirteenth inning. If you watch these Mets games and you happen to look away from the TV, you know something huge happened if Gary Cohen SCREAMS "Outta here" multiple times in one play. It is an obvious sign that the Mets just hit a huge homer.

It’s too bad that Billy had to blow the best performance by young Mike Pelfrey in his life. Pelfrey went eight inning and gave up only one run in the process. It isn’t too often when you see a pitcher go eight innings, but four other pitchers end up following him in that game when they win the game.

Mets lose first of three to D-Backs

David Wright hit his twelfth home run of the year, but the Mets couldn’t hold on to win the game. Moises Alou had a two-run single in his first game back from the DL. However, the sad news is that he ended up back on the DL just days after returning.

The Mets had the lead in this one, but an hour of rain put the Mets on hold and shut down the bullpen, as Arizona went on to win, 9-5. Joe Smith and Duaner Sanchez combined for four runs.

Starting pitcher Micah Owings for the Diamondbacks, who is such a great hitter that the team uses him to pinch hit sometimes, couldn’t even finish pitch past the fifth inning. He did, however, managed to get one hit.


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