Classless Mets organization fires Randolph and Co.

As today’s game approaches, I find myself scratching my head at the news I heard this morning. Willie Randolph was fired as manager of the New York Mets, along with base coach Tom Nieto and pitching coach Rick Peterson.

The decision was made by the General Manager, Omar Minaya, who was told by the Wilpons (owners) to make the decision on Randolph himself. Omar decided to fly out to California where the team was, and fire the manager face-to-face.

What I don’t understand here is that the reason the team is underachieving quite obviously stems from the decisions of the general manager. Some fault should lay with Randolph, but not a significant enough amount to end up firing him, and end up firing him without firing the general manager first. So instead of firing him themselves, they essentially told the GM that he can do what he wants, which sounds a lot to me like the GM’s job was by no means in jeopardy.

Second of all, this team fired a manager in the middle of the night? Sure, it was around 10 pm where they were, but it was 3 am where the team is from, New York. Was that the punishment to the writers for the big stir-up they started in the first place?

Third of all, I can see that the team may have thought about this for awhile and may have already made a decision before the last two games, but seeing a manager get fired after a win, and the second win in a row, is very surprising.

Finally, fourth of all, they made the manager and his coaches fly 3,000 miles to get fired? That’s disgusting.


One thought on “Classless Mets organization fires Randolph and Co.

  1. Yes it was Classless. that is why New York is YANKEE TOWN. At least our boss would fire him in front of the media, they’re not Chickens like the Wilpon’s.

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