Instead of elaborating for hours about the Mets’ problems, you only need to point toward one problem to fix.

Winning one day by a large margin hasn’t once meant they have picked up any momentum whatsoever. A perfect example is any doubleheader the Mets play. On June 15, the Mets lost the first game of a doubleheader against the Rangers, 8-7. They bounced back to win the second game, 4-2. Last week, the Mets opened the four-game, crosstown series against the Yankees by winning the first game of a two-stadium doubleheader. People say it is tough to sweep a doubleheader, but the Mets couldn’t win back-to-back games if they were offered a billion dollars in the contract instead of their original multi-million dollar contracts.

Finally, after losing the first game of their current series with the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis, they as usual won the second game and lost the third.

Are you starting to see the pattern? I thought so. It all circles around to one simple mistake by the Mets’ organization: Firing Willie Randolph. It is quite simple: If you would like for your team to have consistency, don’t shake the coaching staff up. That’s a cardinal rule for consistency, but apparently, not in this organization.

And now they wonder why they have hovered around .500. Hmm


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