Mets pop into the race like fireworks on the fourth

With my busy summer, I haven’t been able to find much time to write here, but it wasn’t too long ago that I ripped this team for it’s inconsistency. That may not be the last time I say that in this time period, but it appears I will be saying it less and less as this team keeps winning without losing the following day.

Before my very eyes, the Mets jumped to 1.5 games behind the Phillies… and that won’t change because both the Mets and Phillies came out victorious tonight. Also, the Mets are now in a tie for second place with the Florida Marlins.

The Mets have won five games in a row, including last night’s, which matches a season-high. The team is three games above .500, and the pitching staff has registered back-to-back shutouts in the first two games of this series against the Giants.

We’ll see how consistent this usually inconsistent team can be in the coming weeks.


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