Pagan tears up minor league pitching in rehab stint

As my friend Tony and I arrived at Damaschke Field in Central New York to watch the single-A minor league Oneonta Tigers play, we were expecting to see a regular minor league game… until we heard the starting lineup.

When I heard that one of the best Mets, Angel Pagan, was batting second and playing left field for Brooklyn, I was so excited that my eyes nearly popped out. I knew Pagan was on the DL, but had no idea when he would begin rehab starts, or where. I never would have believed that the Mets would have sent him on a four-hour bus ride from Brooklyn to Oneonta when he is injured. Because of that reason, I have an inkling that he flew in from a local airport, such as Albany.

Pagan went 2-2 with two singles up the middle. He unsuccessfully attempted to stretch his first single into a double, getting thrown out at second by a mile. He made a jogging catch in left field and showed no signs of pain or problems. He was taken out after his second at-bat, but still ran the bases until the inning was completed.

Several kids (Mets fans) in attendance immediately acknowledged his presence, screaming chants of "Angel" while he was on deck and around the dugout. He was nice enough to tip his hat, wave, and smile to them.


One thought on “Pagan tears up minor league pitching in rehab stint

  1. Re: Pagan, I know people will say the Mets have other problems — bigger fish to fry (even despite the last nine wins), but I’m very glad to see Mr. Pagan poised to come back to the team.

    I am a lifelong baseball fan and an ardent Met’s supporter since 1971. The father of two young daughters (both of whom enjoy baseball), they like Pagan for one of the reasons you mentioned.

    It may sound odd in an era (especially in NYC) when the Mets — at times — have been underachieving, but it’s fun to root for a guy like Pagan. He seems like a guy with a lot to prove, and he plays like he means it. I hope he’ll be given a chance to play again soon.

    It’s guys like Pagan that keep me watching (and enjoying) baseball. I love homerun hitters and dominant pitchers and great fielders as much as anyone; but it’s guys like Angel Pagan (with his myriad of skills)who remind me why I still love to watch the game.

    It may seem strange to say, but for those of us who grew up playing ball, perhaps A. Pagan (and players like him) reminds us — in part, anyway — of ourselves.

    Heal up fast, Angel. We need ya’, man.

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