Wagner's All-Star blown save a blessing in disguise?

A team that believes in itself down the stretch shouldn’t want home field advantage. A team that believes they can win both on the road and at home with no problem should be the most successful team, meaning that home field advantage shouldn’t make a difference. Most of the time, the team that makes the World Series in each league is the team that has been on fire, meaning that they should keep winning.

Instead, if they don’t have home-field advantage, they should be satisfied. Here is why: If a team wants and believes they can win as many games as necessary in the playoffs, they wouldn’t want home-field advantage because you end up at home.

In baseball, a seven-game series means that the team with home-field has the first two games home, the next THREE away, and if needed, the final two at home. This is certainly an advantage if this series would go to six or seven games, but in no way would it be an advantage if it went in the range of four to five games.

Why would a team that is on fire coming into the World Series want home-field advantage if the fourth game, possibly the clincher, wouldn’t be a home game, and especially if they believe they can win each game they play?


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