Mets stay inconsistent as team gets swept by Astros

Following a sweep by the Astros, the Mets are doing it to themselves again. With leads left and right, the pitching staff just can’t seem to hold them, with the team slipping down to third place in the process. Also, starter John Maine has been put on the shelf for a bit, as he jumped on the DL bandwagon with arm troubles. In the late months of the season, Mets’ closer Billy Wagner has had some discomfort in his arm repeatedly, so he flew back to get an MRI for the second time in recent weeks.

Just a little while back, I wrote how the team finally seems to be in step and on the same page. That was after I wrote a post about how the team was inconsistent, writing that post off in the process. Here I am, back where I began, writing about the inconsistency that plagues this team.

Since this team appears it will stay inconsistent, I expect that it will bounce up to first place within a matter of two weeks, then dip back down to third place in the same amount of time. The problem that faces this team right now is time, which is diminishing with every passing day. If the Mets find themselves on the same page and chapter in late September, it will be a long, dark, and cold off-season for the second year in a row.


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