The Mets actually finished a game Johan started?

In case you haven’t heard, the Mets won a game that Johan Santana pitched. And they didn’t just win it, he himself ended up with the win! The reason why I am so surprised by that is simply because every time Santana takes the mound and has a brilliant outing, the offense and bullpen could care less and would rather strikeout or blow a save than give their ace a few wins.

But they gave Steve Trachsel run support a couple years back? Hahaha.

Well, some highlights of New York’s 4-3 win over Washington other than Santana’s 7.0 IP, 3 R performance, Carlos Beltran and David Wright each had doubles, while Carlos Beltrans’ was on an outside pitch that he fished for and pulled down the left field line to score a run. Carlos Delgado had a two-RBI single, bringing his RBI total up to 75 on the year.

Joe Smith and Pedro Feliciano combined for a pair of scoreless final innings, nailing down the win and bringing the Mets a day closer to Billy Wagner’s return from the Disabled List.

If the Mets won, it obviously meant Aaron Heilman took a day off. Ya know, he should have taken many days off this year and past years, including that one day in October against the Cardinals in the eighth inning in 2006.


2 thoughts on “The Mets actually finished a game Johan started?

  1. Yeah Huddy (when he was pitching) suffered the same fate many times this year.

    But I can’t talk about the horrible year we’ve had.

    I actually kind of hope y’all get the pennant this year. I don’t think the Phillies have the stuff to take it and I think the Mets are a rather talented team.

    Best of luck. Our white flags are waving but I still love my Bravos.

    Keep in touch, Matt.


  2. Without the future hall of famers on the mound, the Braves aren’t the greatest, that’s for sure. As for the NL East, I hope the Mets can pull out a Division Title, and hopefully they get hot at the end.

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