Mets' veteran pitchers pave way to first place

When your veteran pitchers give you back-to-back solid starts on the road while the team needs them most, it gives you a chance to feel comfortable about your team down the stretch. With the Mets riding high on a six-game winning streak, the Phillies are only two games back despite the lack of production from their top offensive weapons

Pat Burrell has only five hits in the past ten games, Ryan Howard’s batting average stands at a disgusting .233, and Jimmy Rollins has two RBI this month. The Phillies can’t expect to win a division with these numbers, whether Howard can hit home runs or not. Strikeouts just kill a team.

With the Mets’ bullpen in need of some time off, Johan Santana looked to grant them their wishes as he took the mound today against the Pirates. Santana breezed through the Pittsburgh lineup, pitching an amazing complete-game shutout.

On the other hand, Pedro Martinez yesterday had his longest outing of the year, pitching seven strong innings while allowing only one run to cross the plate.

The Mets conclude their road trip tomorrow, facing off against the Pirates at 12:35 ET before heading home to face the Atlanta Braves in a three-game series.


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