Chad Johnson officially loses his mind

No, Bengals Wide Receiver Chad Johnson wasn’t in the news to give us an injury report or anything about the Bengals for that matter. Instead, he pulled a 180 by officially officially changing his name to Chad Ocho Cinco, keeping his middle name as Javon. This means the Johnson name is completely gone. Even his own coach, Marvin Lewis, went as far as calling him "ocho psycho." I hope Chad realizes that "ocho cinco" translates to eight five, not eighty five. Also, if his wish from the offseason to get traded to another team is granted, what if he goes to a team where the number 85 is already in use? Will he change his name back? Who knows?

I have seen some crazy things by Johnson — or, i mean Ocho Cinco — such as playing golf with a pylon as a touchdown celebration or even wearing the name Ocho Cinco on the back of his jersey for a game. But this? This is what you call out of the ordinary.


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