Review of Week 1

While several other teams in the NFL are just opening their season today, the New York Giants and Washington Redskins are happy to get three extra days of rest (the Redskins not as happy, of course). At this time, let’s review this week’s turnout against the Washington Redskins.



  • Among the positives in the win over the Redskins included the Giants success of moving the ball down the field and picking up points on most of their drives. Jeff Feagles didn’t see much action until the end, and when he did, his punts were fabulous.
  • Lawrence Tynes can take his time returning from an injury, because no matter what the age, John Carney has not lost a spring in his kick at all. He launched three field goals, including his longest being a 48-yarder.
  • The defense was able to stop the out-of-sync Redskins offense without much difficulty throughout the game. Justin Tuck’s sack on the Redskin offense’s first snap was very impressive. Since it was only week one and the Redskins still did not have a no-huddle offense, the clock burned faster that ever, thankfully for the Giants.
  • Eli Manning looked calm and showed no signs of hurrying passes into bad areas. Don’t get me wrong, he did have some erratic throws that should have been intercepted, but if you compare him to last year at this time, you are looking at an entirely new player.


  • The first thing on the negatives list has to be that the offense should have been able to turn those field goals into touchdowns. The offense acted much too conservative as soon as they hit field goal range. Luckily for them, their absolutely dominating defense helped them out whenever needed.
  • The extra emotion and anger out of linebacker Antonio Pierce and running back Brandon Jacobs needs to take a backseat. Pierce likely will receive a fine not only for his part in a fight that resulted in helmets flying, but a late hit soon after. On the other hand, whenever Jacobs breaks a long run or plows over a running back, he’ll get into the defender’s face after the play to say a few words. Sometimes words turns into pushes, and we all know what’s next.  I’m afraid he will cost the Giants a few too many 15-yarders this season.

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