Disappointing fan support in Mets' final game

It was one of the biggest Mets games in regular season history. It was either complete a meltdown for the second consecutive season, or advance to play another day. With the Mets tied with the Milwaukee Brewers for the final playoff spot with one game remaining, everything was on the line…

And the fans just sat there.

While you see fans from the Milwaukee Brewers or the Philadelphia Phillies waving towels and screaming their hearts out, you will see fans from the New York Mets either standing there or booing. The only time they actually decided to cheer was when Beltran hit the game-tying home run. I sure didn’t see any towels flying. I know the Mets have failed to meet expectations, but give me a break.

I hope CitiField hands out towels to all rivalry or important games because it could also give a boost to the players knowing that the fans believe in them. After the home runs given up by Scott Schoenweis and Luis Ayala, the fans decided to quit on the team and the players decided to call it a season by just hanging their body over the railings. It was only two runs they needed! TWO!

But no. Everyone in the stadium decided to call it quits too early. The sad part is that the players did too.


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