Giants slam Seattle to improve to 4-0

As the doubters continued to criticize the Giants, they continued to answer back. Doing what they have done since the wild card playoff game last season, the Giants came out on top.

The critics made sure to point out that the Giants weren’t going to be able to pull off a win this week because of the absense of their number one receiver, Plaxico Burress. They made sure to point out that they wouldn’t be able to win because their record in games following the bye weeks in recent history is horrendous. However, the Giants made sure not to listen to any of that.

Domenik Hixon, who was filling in for the suspended Burress, was going to score a touchdown in the first half, predicted FOX analyst and former Giant, Michael Strahan. Strahan was, indeed, correct. Hixon scored a touchdown in the first quarter on a bomb thrown down the field by quarterback Eli Manning. Later in the game, Hixon left the game with a concussion when he was hit helmet-to-helmet.

Brandon Jacobs flattened the Seahawks’ defense, thanks to the offensive line. Jacobs ran nearly 30 yards untouched on multiple occasions, as he ended with 136 yards on the day. Eli Manning had a great day at the helm, and as the game progressed, he did better and better. He threw for 267 yards, and went 19-27, without any interceptions and two touchdowns. This is the best Eli we have ever seen, especially with only one interception thus far (and that was all the way back in week 1). The giants put David Carr in for the fourth quarter to prevent any injury to Eli Manning, since the game was already too far out of reach for Seattle.

This game never seems to go well for the visiting team. The Giants have lost each time they have played Seattle in recent history, while Seattle was crushed this time around when they were the visiting team.

The undefeated Giants will head to Cleveland to take on the Browns next week in a Monday Night match up. The only other undefeated team remaining, the Titans, won on a comeback drive by former Giant Kerry Collins.


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