Monday Night Football: Giants @ Browns

In this week’s Monday Night Football matchup against the Browns, the Giants hope to build onto their streak of 12 consecutive road wins, with the last time they lost on the road being week 1 of 2007 at Dallas. The team’s 4-0 start, helped by the momentum of their recent postseason success, has put them on top of the NFC East.

A win tonight would give the Giants some separation from the rest of their rivals in the division. Dallas, who appears to be diminishing, lost not only to the Cardinals yesterday, but their quarterback too. Tony Romo went down with a broken pinkie at the very end of the game, and reports say the injury could last up to four weeks. With everything falling apart, I saw Terrell Owens screaming his lungs out at a fellow teammate in the first half of yesterday’s game. That won’t help them win games.

The Washington Redskins surprisingly handed the Rams their first win of the season yesterday. Despite the solid 18 completions out of 26 attempts and no inteception performance from quarterback Jason Campbell, the Redskins fell short to the Rams, 19-17. The loss kept the ‘Skins lined up with the ‘Boys for second place in the divison.

It is either a brutal killing of their opponent or an ugly loss, it seems, for the Eagles. This time, it was a brutal killing of their opponent. San Francisco proved to be no match for the Eagles yesterday, who are now 3-3. The Eagles won, 40-26, behind four David Akers field goals and a Juqua Parker 55-yard interception return for a touchdown.

Now, it is up to the Giants to stay with the Titans as the only undefeated teams remaining in the NFL. The red-hot Eli Manning-led offense will power its way with Jacobs and Ward, juke its way with Bradshaw, and jump over anything in its path with Burress. The defense should look to stop Jamal Lewis, since the passing game for the Browns will likely be nonexistant. The Giants are second in the league in passing yards allowed, which is very good.

Plaxico Burress returns from his two week suspension due to accumulating problems that included missing meetings. He still is not sorry for it, because he claims he was dropping his son off at school. He also has explained to the press that he has moved on from that suspension and looks to do some damage in Cleveland this weekend.

A former Packers player, Corey Williams, is on the Browns. He decided to spit some bulletin board material out of his mouth this past week regarding the bruising Giants running back, Brandon Jacobs:

"There ain’t nothing physical about them. We were hitting [Jacobs], and he was slowing it down. He left the game. They let the Bradshaw kid come in. He’s really the one who killed us."

Williams also said that he is going to try to knock Jacobs’ head off. We’ll see how that turns out. Sorry, Corey, but I don’t think you should be messing with Brandon Jacobs. He just might flatten your body in the pre-game. Here is what Jacobs had to say in response:

"I really enjoy that, more than anything, because that lets me know that they are thinking and some of them are shaking. It gives me a little joy."

It should be a fun game to watch!


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