It is about Tynes he is ready

According to, Lawrence Tynes is set to return for the Giants this week against San Francisco. Tynes, who was fine in training camp until an injury has held him out of games for the entire season so far, has not been missed. He has said several times throughout the course of the season that he has been ready to return, but never has. His fill-in, veteran John Carney, has been magnificent. Not only with his kicks that are almost guaranteed to soar through the uprights, but his kickoffs have been spectacular, too. That is something Tynes doesn’t even do that well.

The problem here is that rumors are swirling around Giants Stadium that indicate John Carney has played his final game with Big Blue. The Giants are expected to release the reliable fill-in, but I think that is the wrong decision. You may think I’m crazy for wanting two kickers at a time, but it is actually almost needed right now. You don’t know how well Tynes will be with this much time off. Will he be able to shake off the rust? I’m not sure, and if he doesn’t the Giants are stuck with him when they could have simply kept Carney as a fall-back option.

What do you think?


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