Game of the Week: Giants (5-1) vs. Steelers (5-1)

Several newspapers, online sports websites, and magazines are calling this week’s Giants/Steelers matchup a Super Bowl preview. Two of the top teams in the NFL will face each other at Heinz Field today at 4:15 pm.

The Giants are coming off a win against San Francisco, while Pittsburgh is coming off a 28-point win over the cellar-dwelling Bengals. The Steelers have already had their share of troubles against NFC East teams this season, losing to Philadelphia 15-6. Not only are they facing the best team in the NFC in the Giants, but they have injuries that could cost them the game.

Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh’s go-to wide receiver, and Willie Parker, their starting running back, are both out in this one. We’ll see how well Melwelde Moore does stepping up in place of Parker.

As for Big Blue, Antonio Pierce doesn’t care how crippled he may be, he’ll play in a wheelchair if needed. Last week, he woke up Sunday morning ready to play the game, but the team doctors held him back to prevent any further injury. This week, he is on the injury report but is likely to play. Of course, when asked, he said that he WILL be on the field today against Pittsburgh.

Plaxico Burress had some problems last week in the game against San Francisco. He was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct, then had some disrepectful words to say to head coach Tom Coughlin. I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to mess with Coughlin. Burress also missed a practice this week, but it was likely just for precautionary reasons to make sure he would be ready to play today.

Giants running back Brandon Jacobs was asked if the mud on the field would be an issue, since a college game was played on it last night in the rain. He said it won’t be a problem for him, but it might be for Pittsburgh! Uh-oh. I wouldn’t want to be on the Pittsburgh defense. Brandon just might eat them up and swallow them whole.

Don’t get out of your chair during this one!

It’s the Giants and Steelers at 4:15 on FOX!

****UPDATE at 2:02 pm****

According to FoxSports and other sources, WR Plaxico Burress will not start and may not play at all. He missed several treatments for his injury this week and the Giants are thinking about suspending him yet again .


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