Burress talk has gone too far

Are writers really this bored in a big city like New York? There are two playoff-contending teams in the great big city of New York, including one that is on the verge of clinching a first-round playoff bye — and all the writers seem to care about is Burress. It seems that there are stories abou t Burress in every single newspaper in the entire world .

Yes, that’s right. I linked a different story about Plaxico Burress to each of the last eleven words of that sentence, and each of those stories are from today’s or yesterday’s newspapers. I think you get my point. The writers are so redundant that I don’t even bother to read these stories because I know what they are going to say.

What Plaxico Burress did was a common mistake that usually turns into community service or probation. However, since he won’t be returning to court until March, we have to listen to this garbage for a long time. What Burress did is much different from what Michael Vick did, which was much worse. For all the people comparing Burress to Michael Vick, please stop now. Burress owned a dogfighting business… Burress was only trying to protect himself and an accident happened. Yes, it was stupid and dumb, but nowhere near as bad as Vick.

So a message to all writers in New York: My advice to you is to write about bigger and more important tasks at hand.


One thought on “Burress talk has gone too far

  1. Sadly, this is what it has come to.

    People LOVE a controversy and especially with a high profile athlete. Gossip and controversy rule this world, as creepy as it is.

    He’ll be in the media for a while, sort of like how OJ Simpson is still in the media.

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