Mets on verge of signing baseball's best closer

The Mets have not wasted their time in Las Vegas. As soon as Omar Minaya and co. flew into Las Vegas the other night, they supposedly had a meeting with Francisco Rodriguez and his agent. As early as last night, news reports have been indicating that the Mets and Rodgriguez are very close to a 3-year contract worth around $37 million.

Rodriguez, who is coming off a record 62 saves last season with the Angels, had wanted a 5-year contract worth around $75 million, which is highly unlikely at this point and not even taken into consideration. While his agent, Paul Kinzer, has said that they are very "disappointed" that his client is not receiving the financial reward for the type of season Rodgriguez had last season, he has said some very nice words regarding the talks.

Kinzer has said, "we will know more in the next 24 hours, but so far everything has been positive." Kinzer also went on to add "I am more optimistic than I have ever been".

According to John Heyman of The New York Post, "It looks like K-Rod will be their new closer.”


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