No reason to worry about Big Blue

Remember in 2006 when Michael Strahan had a bit of an argument with a reporter when he was accused of saying some bad things about Plaxico Burress , who had seemed to give up on some passes from Eli Manning in a 24-21 loss to the Titans to drop the Giants to 6-5? Remember when Tiki Barber criticized Tom Coughlin’s style of coaching in his book, explaining that Coughlin was the main factor in his decision to retire? Or do you Remember when Tiki Barber questioned Eli Manning’s leadership abilities last season? How about when the Giants lost pro bowl tight end Jeremy Shockey for the season?

And what did they end up doing soon after all of these incidents? They simply pushed them aside and won Super Bowl XLII. Wait — what did they do? No, you are not dreaming. They won the Super Bowl as a wild card team. I still am amazed.

The fact that the Giants have been able to put any personal issues and media-caused hysteria behind them as soon as they put that helmet on is the exact reason why I still believe this team will make it back to the big game for the second consecutive season.

Several people are now panicking over the whole Plaxico Burress incident, saying the Giants are not the same team without him and that they won’t even win another game this season. They can say what they want, but the last time I remember the Giants lost a threat in the passing game, Jeremy Shockey in 2007, they were fine without him.

Also, RB Brandon Jacobs has already played more games than he did last year, and people are still complaining about him. I believe Jacobs will come back this weekend and have a nice time wearing down the Panthers’ defense, then when the Giants put that together with a mixture of Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw, it could be a long night for Carolina.

Yes, Jacobs has missed his share of time, but there are reasons why the Giants are not pushing it. They have already clinched their division, which means a home game in the postseason is already ensured. They didn’t have any sense of urgency.

That gave them the pleasure of preparing Jacobs for this game if he was needed, which he is. Last week, the Giants were unable to find their rhythm in any category, but in the running game it was obvious that Jacobs wasn’t there to wear down Dallas’ defensive unit. This method of wearing down defenses has worked in Big Blue’s favor all season long.

After throwing all the factors into one pile, it really seems the Giants must play Jacobs this weekend for two reasons: Playing Jacobs could help the team get back into sync and end the regular season on a high note. Secondly, it could give Big Blue a much better position once the postseason rolls around. If he doesn’t play, the Giants could risk losing a first-round bye, which would hurt Jacobs anyway when he could be resting during wild-card weekend.

I find it quite funny that the media is acting like the Giants are one of the worst teams in the NFL all of a sudden… and they are 11-3. How does that happen?

The Giants won’t let any distractions get to them. They never do. They know what they need to do this weekend, which is pretty simple: Win. Winning fixes all problems. Winning ensures home-field advantage.


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