Current Giants season similar to 2000

Yes, the 2000 Giants’ season was a long time ago and the team’s appearance has a much different look (the only player remaining is Amani Toomer) than the one we saw in 2000. However, looking back at that season, the end result could actually be exact.

The Giants currently hold the number one seed and the home field advantage in the NFC, which was exactly what the team had in 2000. The Philadelphia Eagles were a Wild Card in 2000, and was able to win their game in Wild Card weekend in order to advance to the NFC Divisional game, where they lost to the Giants at Giants Stadium.

Hmm… Eagles and Wild Card? That is already sounding similar to this season. If the Eagles are able to beat the Vikings this weekend, they will face the Giants again at Giants Stadium in the Divisional Playoffs.

On the other hand, the Giants slammed the Minnesota Vikings in the 2000 NFC Championship game, 41-0. With the Vikings winning the NFC North this season, there also is a chance that Big Blue could face them in the NFC Championship game. However, since the Eagles and Vikings play this weekend, there will not be a chance for the Giants to face the same exact teams in the NFC playoffs as they faced in 2000.

If that was confusing enough for you, I have a little bit more to add. This one is the most important one of all: In 2000, the Baltimore Ravens were a Wild Card team and won their way all the way to Super Bowl XXXV, where they knocked off the top-seeded Giants. The game was played in Tampa.

Well, the Ravens are a Wild Card again…and the Giants are the number one seed again…and if it just couldn’t match any closer…….

the Super Bowl is again in Tampa.


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