The talk around Flushing

All has been calm around Flushing, New York in the past few weeks. Other than the sudden shakeup of the roster when the Mets acquired the best closer on the market, Francisco Rodriguez, last month, followed by another closer, all while trading away small chips of the team, there hasn’t been much to talk about.

Free-agent pitcher Pedro Martinez was limited by injuries in his four-year contract with the Mets, but this is a guy the Mets need to get back. Several writers and bloggers have suggested that the Mets do not bring back Martinez, but the simple response I have to that, is WHY NOT? The Mets’ starting rotation is not what you would call deep, and I would take Martinez over any of the Mets’ current back-end of the rotation pitchers any day. If anything, why not bring Martinez to camp to give some competition to Jonathon Niese (who I am not sold on) or other potential starters. Bottom line: Give Pedro a shot.

In other news, the Mets offered a three-year contract to free-agent starter Derek Lowe, who reportedly already declined the deal and said that there wasn’t enough money offered. Lowe won fourteen games last season, but at age 35, he is getting a bit too old in my opinion to sign a three-year contract. The Mets have also had interest in Oliver Perez, who I’m just as uncomfortable about as any player in the major leagues. Perez has been known for his erratic pitching at random times. One start the Mets will have to make a call to the bullpen in the first inning, while during another start, Perez will be inching in on a perfect game or a no-hitter.

Take this for example: In 2004, Perez went 12-10 with the Pittsburgh Pirates, but then went 3-13 in 2006, but ended up pitching a brilliant Game six of the National League Championship Series against the Cardinals. My point is that you will never know what Perez will do.

In the outfield, there were some rumors swirling that Andruw Jones could soon patrol the CitiField outfield in a Mets uniform. Hmm… NO THANKS. Andruw has turned into a careless player who only thinks about the money in his contract that he signed last year. He hit an embarrassing .158 last season, and didn’t even play eighty games.

It’s funny how one year a player is looking for a seven year, $200 million dollar contract, and the next year is simply hoping for an invitation to training camp.

As for second base and Luis Castillo, the Mets should explore other options this off-season but should also make sure this isn’t number one on their priority list. Take care of the rotation, continue to patch up the bullpen, and fill in the blanks in the field.


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