Several Mets players in WBC

The Mets organization will have fourteen players in this year’s World Baseball Classic (as of now), inculindg players on team USA, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and even Australia!

According to, these will be the rosters when the Classic begins:

Major Leaguers:

Carlos Delgado- Puerto Rico

Carlos Beltran – Puerto Rico

David Wright – USA

Pedro Feliciano – Puerto Rico

* – Johan Santana – Venezuela

Jose Reyes – Dominican Republic

J.J. Putz – USA

Francisco Rodgriguez – Venezuela

Brian Schneider – USA

* – Unsure if he will play or not (knee or club decision)

The rest of the players are minor leaguers, and if you want to check out who they are, feel free to click on the link above. The link above also lists the major/minor league players by club in the World Baseball Classic.

Who will you be rooting for in this one? It’s a hard decision as a Mets fan since these players are spread out all over the WORLD.

I’ll have to stick with my team from 2006, the Dominican Republic.


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