Mets need to set limit for Perez

Oliver Perez is better than more than half of the starting pitchers in the Major Leagues, but he isn’t as good as Scott Boras makes him out to be. Then again, Scott Boras makes every single one of his clients out to be better than they are. Boras, as always, has made it difficult for the Mets to re-acquire Perez.

With Perez asking for $30 million dollars over three seasons, the Mets need to simply say no. Yes, they need a starting pitcher, but last time I checked, it wasn’t a smart idea for a team to sign a pitcher to a $30 million contract when he is one of the mosdt unreliable pitchers in the game. Yes, he has dominant games, but he also has such horrible games that you wonder what he was doing that day before he took the mound.

Following former pitcher coach Rick Peterson’s departure last season, new pitching coach Dan Warthen took over and teamed up with veteran Pedro Martinez in an attempt to fix Perez. In the end, the change was huge. Perez changed his routine of dropping his head when he begins his windup — and instead changed it in a way where he actually rocked back while keeping his eye on the glove. This was, in all likelihood, an attempt to give him some momentum during his windup and to help him with control by keeping his eye on the glove.

Time will tell if this change will help Perez, because Perez is a type of pitcher who has a LOT of potential. It is just a matter of how he can reach it. Even though he has potential to be a $30 million pitcher, he certainly has not reached it yet. The Mets are better off going for a pitcher like Ben Sheets for less money, and picking up a few small-name pitchers. This way they dont’ waste all of their money on a person who pitchers every five days.


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