Mets have interest in Pedro

Despite several reports and rumors throughout the course of the off-season that the Mets have little or no interest in retaining veteran right-hander Pedro Martinez, Mets GM Omar Minaya reportedly met with Martinez in the Dominican Republic this week to discuss a possibly comeback to New York.

The 37-year-old Martinez completed a four-year, $53 million contract last season with New York, in which he went 32-23. Martinez, who was hot on the free-agent market following his World Series victory with Boston in 2004, was plagued by injuries throughout his Mets career and is currently struggling to find a guaranteed contract.

Pedro’s problem last season was that, on most occasions, he failed to make it past the fifth inning, thus putting a burden on an already-overworked bullpen. Different factors went into it, such as a fixed pitched count by the Mets staff in order to maintain Pedro’s health, prevent injury, and to save his arm.

If I was Omar Minaya, I’d bring back Martinez in a heartbeat. The Mets are in need for starting pitching, and you can never have too much depth — especially when you would be getting a veteran out of it. Because he is in his later years, the Mets can get him much cheaper than what they signed him for last time around.

Why not? Why not sign Martinez to a cheap contract? If it doesn’t work out, simply let him go. The Mets wouldn’t lose much money in that situation.


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