Delgado should be handed 2003 MVP award

David Lennon, from Newsday, made a great point earlier today regarding the 2003 MVP award:

If I was Carlos Delgado, I’d be pretty angry right now.

Remember, it was Delgado who finished second to Alex Rodriguez in the 2003 AL MVP vote.

A-Rod was first with 242 points, including six first-place votes. Delgado was second with 213 points, including five first-place votes.

Of course, in the past 72 hours we’ve learned that A-Rod cheated in 2003, and he admitted Monday that he took banned substances — without specifying the concoction.

Should A-Rod now be stripped of that MVP award? Should Delgado be awarded it by default?

This whole mess just gets messier and messier.

Although A-Rod wasn’t exactly breaking rules as the steroid policy wasn’t yet in effect, he still had an unfair advantage over Delgado. This award certainly deserves to be handed over to Carlos Delgado.


2 thoughts on “Delgado should be handed 2003 MVP award

  1. Who’s to say Delgado didn’t take anything that was banned at the time. I’m sure he’s fine with letting things be. There were all kinds of things during that time period that you could buy over the counter at places like GNC which now are banned. I think some people are just getting singled out.

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