Bat boy for second time in three years

My father and I came to Port St. Lucie this week so that I could interview Mets players and write a story for Baseball Youth magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine was unable to acquire credentials for today’s game as it was opening day and the team was flooded with several media requests.

My father and I were forced to change our plans and just simply buy tickets and enjoy the game from the bleachers. Well, let’s just say our plans were foiled for the better…

We were hovering around the dugout, where I caught up with Kevin Burkhardt and Matt Cerrone, as my dad chatted with a buddy of his who was the usher that brought me into the dugout in 2007 to be bat boy for a game. Well, that nice usherdid the same thing this year, but we were notified that there already was a bat boy for today’s and tomorrow’s game. Bummer, right? Wrong. A staff member from the Mets clubhouse came running out to tell us they needed me as bat boy (this is about 20 min. prior to the first pitch).

I wasn’t exactly in bat-boy mode, just minutes removed from sitting comfortably eating a snack in the Tradition Field seats. I slipped on a shirt and helmet provided by the team, was told where the baseballs were, and basically was then released on my own. Great, here I am, a person who five minutes earlier was eating skittles in a seat, now responsible for keeping the flow of the game constant with the umpires, coaches, and players.

Within two minues after I sat down on the dugout bench, Jose Reyes came walking through the dugout. I said “HEY JOOOOSSSEE,” and he looked at me, smiled, and let out something along the lines of “YO POPPO!!!” Whatever he said, whether English or Spanish, it was some sort of a greeting in return. Hmm, considering Reyes is my favorite player in all of baseball, let’s just say it woke me up a bit.

As the first pitch approached, I quickly flashed back in my memory to the last time I was bat boy, 2007, when Sandy Alomar, Sr (bench coach) was the most affable person toward me in the entire dugout. He reached out his hand to shake mine, and asked if I needed any help. He said he’d help in any way I needed. David Wright was also helpful, guiding me with what direction to take when I grab the players bats following their at-bat. Of course he was helpful… he was one of the only players who would do an interview with me last year.

I needed this help because the first few innings were a bit rough on my part. I was getting back in the swing of things from where they were when I first was a bat boy. I had to remember to grab the pine tar, etc for the on-deck circle before each bottom half inning, I had to remember to get every bat after each player on the team hit, and I had to remember to feed the umpire five more baseballs every half inning.

In the first couple innings I was apparantely running a bit close to the on-deck batter, prompting David Wright to tell me to watch out so that I don’t get hurt. There were a few times in the first few innings where I couldn’t hear the umpire call my name. Put together the fact that I am hearing-impaired with the fact that I was looking the opposite direction to put each player’s bat back after their at-bats made it almost impossible for me to understand any umpires calling me.

After one of the times that the umpire called for baseballs but I was looking away, manager Jerry Manuel looked at Sandy Alomar, Sr and asked, in reference to me, “Does he know what he is doing?” Sandy looked back at Manuel, and quickly replied, “Jerry, he’s got it. Everything is fine.”

I soon told the umpire that I was hearing-impaired, and he said he’d do his best to look at me and show how many baseballs are needed rather than say my name. It worked out well from then on. It became routine. I was grabbing each player’s bat, setting up the on-deck circle each half inning, grabbing foul balls close to me, feeding the umpires baseballs, and other small things that a bat boy would do.

Being back in the dugout in the MLB atmosphere was almost identical to how it was in 2007, and with the same players. As the Mets were about to take the field prior to the first pitch, Jose Reyes, Carlos Delgado, and other players started to get fired up, hopping around and yelling in Spanish. I was often standing between two coaches or players who would speak in Spanish, making me wonder if they were talking garbage about me. Just kidding, but the first part of that sentence was true.

As for the game, I wasn’t paying much attention to how each player did, but I did watch Jose Reyes knock multiple home runs to what I believe was both sides of the field. Of course, the crowd erupted into a “Joosee Jooose Jose Jooose,” just as they have for the past few years at Shea Stadium.

I don’t have the stats up right now, as I am sitting in SuperPlay USA’s Duffy’s sports grill in Port St. Lucie, right at the bowling alley… not exactly your everyday blogging location, but fun nevertheless. The great thing that I have noticed in my three years of being in the St. Lucie area is that it is full of Mets fans, Mets memorabilia, Mets shirts, Mets, Mets, and more Mets. Even Mets players are crawling the area, as I watched Jose Valentin walk out of here when we were entering.

We will be attending tomorrow’s game when the Mets host the Cardinals at 1:10 PM at Tradition Field. We are waiting to hear back from Baseball Youth on whether we will have press passes for that game. If so, I won’t be able to blog live from my iPod Touch, as the WordPress app suddenly decided it doesn’t feel like publishing any more of my posts. Perfect luck. Instead I’ll update from the press box during the game. Again, that is all depending on whether we get press passes for the game. If not, we’ll make the best of it and I’ll be more than satisified with what we’ve done thus far.


4 thoughts on “Bat boy for second time in three years

  1. Wow Matt thats awesome man. I wish I could be down there at the games. Better yet I just wish I was in Florida. Good luck with the rest of your trip.

  2. very good matt cerrone. except you made a mistake: “Well that nice USHERDID the same thing” I know your perfect-ness in writing so you better fix this before matt cerrone reads this and laughs at your horrible mistake. haha

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