Brandon Jacobs at ESPN the Weekend

After spending a few days at Mets Spring Training in Port St. Lucie, I spent this past Saturday at ESPN The Weekend. If you ever get a chance to attend this event, which is at Disney in Orlando, do so. It is more or less a fan fest with superstar players and broadcasters crawling the park. There is something for everyone, from MLB players to NFL players, retired NBA players and even tennis events.

I followed Giants RB Brandon Jacobs, who was also at the event last year, around the park as he participated in a motorcade and various Q & A sessions with Eagles RB Brian Westbrook. Jacobs’ appearance was just just after he completed a four-year, $25 million contract extension with the Giants.

Jacobs and Westbrook joked that they have to watch out for Albert Haynesworth, who recently signed a huge deal with the Redskins. Jacobs also explained some details of his own contract:

“I think it was a fair contract. Not a lot of dramatic numbers. I am glad that I re-signed. The Giants are a great team. They have great chemistry.”


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