Is "World Champions" wrong?

One man who I often talk baseball with, Rick Postl, brought up a very interesting idea that prompted me to relay the debatable question onto here for any readers to make their decision in the comments section.

Rick argued that it is arrogant for MLB, NFL, and NBA teams to use the title “World Champions” when they really are American.

I couldn’t agree more, and the reason is quite obvious. For example, when a team wins their division, such as the NL East for the Mets in 2006, it means that they beat out each team in that division.

When you are “World Champions,” you are not beating out any other nations, you are simply beating out your own nation. This completely erases any meaning of “World” to the championship puzzle. That is why these sports need to change their championship titles to the same way college has it, “National Champions.”

What is your opinion? Should the title stay the same or should it be changed? If so, what should it be changed to? Comment away.


13 thoughts on “Is "World Champions" wrong?

  1. I also think that its is arrogant as stated to say that you are the WORLD CHAMPIONS when you only beat teams from your nation not others. Not taking anything away from the champions saying that they couldn’t win against other nations but that they just didn’t play against them to prove they are.

  2. I also agree that this is a arrogant thing to say. I also believe they need to come up with another name but not “National Championship” because it could be confused very easily with collegiate sports. I’m thinking “MLB Champions” or “NFL Champions” or “NBA Champions”. But the name also makes it more exciting to watch when you see it is “The World Championship”. I don’t think the name will ever be changed so i believe this is an exhausting argument, but an exciting one non the same.

  3. Though the teams aren’t really from around the world, MLB is the premier baseball league in the world.

    Now that they’ve grown, the players pretty much do represent a multitude of countries around the world.

    It may not be perfectly correct, but I think it works.

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  5. The NFL is still “ok” with the Super Bowl and the world champion’s label. I don’t see any other countries ready to compete with NFL teams. I would agree the World Series may not be true anymore however the name was more appropriate in its inception year of 1903. The Olympics have unfortunately cast a shadow of doubt on the NBA’s bragging rights too

  6. I believe that the title world champions is appropriate because of the fact that the best baseball players from around the world are playing in the MLB. MLB is as much of a sport for nations around the globe as it is for America, it just so happens that it calls the USA its home. That is why, with the diversity of baseball teams in this age, World Champions is an appropriate name.

  7. Got to agree about “World Champions” label for baseball. Horrible time of year to produce WBC series to have it really be meaningful though.More apt name should be “Spring Training WBC”.

  8. Well, announcers for baseball, at least for the Mets often talk about how it might be a good idea to have the winner of the world series play the national champions of Japan or Latin American Champion to really gain the title.

    I agree with that. And I hate arrogance more than anything, however I understand the reasoning behind it is that for those sports we are the premiere country with the premeire players, so if you win here, its presumed that your the best of the best.

    That being said, with baseball becoming more popular around the world with tournaments like the WBC, every year other nations are getting better and we have less claim to being the best of the best. That goes for all of these sports, but with dominant teams coming from nations like Cuba and Japan, we more and more may have to redefine the label of world champions, or set up one more final series with the champions from other countries. We’ll see!

  9. What they should do is hold the WBC every year after the baseball season ends in October or November and every country should send the team that won their own championship that year. Or they can do it every four years at the winter Olympics. As for our own title i think “United States Champion” sounds good or if the Blue Jays get mad you can call it “Continental Champion” or “North American Champion”

  10. The MLB, NFL, NBA represent the top leagues in the world for the respective sports. The MLS knowing that it is no where near the top league in soccer has the MLS Cup. Americans feel like the when they are best in America, that they are the best in the world since America is supposedly the best country in the world.

  11. The “Little League World Series” is appropriate. Teams from all over the world compete for that title. MLB’s “World Series” is not appropriate and shows arrogance.

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