What to do at backup catcher? Put Castro on short leash

According to several reports throughout Spring Training, the Mets had been trying to trade backup catcher Ramon Castro. As opening day approached, Castro was still on the Mets and they were forced to keep him on the roster for the regualar season.

Since the season started, Castro has hit very poorly, batting a dismal .192. Castro has one homer, but other than that he has done nothing at the plate, including an inability to pick up RBI’s with only three this season.

Castro is not only a problem at the plate, but he is a liability behind the plate. He has shown several signs of laziness, failing to turn his glove over and get on his knees on a ball in the dirt, then jogging to retrieve the ball behind home plate while the runners just fly around the bases.

It seems that Castro’s only strong point as a catcher so far this season is when it comes to throwing runners out. He is 2-for-4 this season on throwing runners out and shows his strong, accurate arm when he throws down to second.

I’m not saying that the team should dump Castro or trade him right away, but if he continues to struggle all-around, they need to let him go and keep Omir Santos, who hit a grand slam last night, on the roster as a backup catcher.


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