Mets made wrong decision with Perez

The Mets announced on Monday that Oliver Perez will be removed from the starting rotation and head to the bullpen.

Being a reliever in baseball means that you have to be prepared to come into the game in a pressure situation, after spending several innings sitting on a bench, and deliver. This takes mental toughness, the ability to keep your composure, and special talent. In other words, you are being thrown to the wolves.

And that’s what the Mets think will solve Oliver Perez’s problems? Making a STARTING, yes, starting, not RELIEVING pitcher, who has been known as “Coin Flip”, suddenly turn into a reliever and come up big in a pressure situation? A pitcher who is so inconsistent that he fails to string together a series of solid outings? And the Mets really think this is going to fix him?

They chose to take this difficult path instead of giving him the option of making a few starts over in AAA Buffalo, where the spotlight would be off of him, where he could regain his confidence and believe in his chances of coming back strong, all while being able to remain a starting pitcher?

For someone who is mentally fragile as Perez is, it would be much more wise to try to fix him while keeping as many things constant as possible, such as maintaining his position as a starting pitcher. I agree that they needed to take him out of the MLB starting rotation, but he should have been moved to Buffalo.

There were two paths the Mets organization could have followed. They simply chose to follow the bumpy one.


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