Mets unable to complete sweep as ESPN disappoints

The Mets were unable to complete a sweep of the Giants in San Francisco on Sunday Night, as Mike Pelfrey balked his way to a 2-0 Mets loss.

The bigger story of the night was the fact that Joe Morgan refused to shut his mouth. A lot of fans hate Joe Morgan, and I happen to fall within that group of fans. Morgan, who spent over twenty years in the big leagues, collected 2,517 hits in his career, including 268 home runs. He has some impressive numbers as a player, but when it comes to the microphone, he is quite the disappointment.

What makes him one of the most hated broadcasters in baseball is the fact that he will complain about both teams, leaving fans on both sides screaming at the television.

Morgan spent a large portion of the game complaining that the Mets, who are in first place, lack a leader. Morgan proceeded to elaborate on each of the team’s main players and asked which player was “the problem”.

What problem, Joe? The Mets are in first place. If you want to talk about problems, go cover a last-place team.

The announcers had an in-game interview with manager Jerry Manuel, who was asked who the team’s leader was if they had one. Manuel responded by saying it would be veteran first baseman Carlos Delgado, but Delgado has been sidelined with hip problems. His career is said to be in potential jeopardy, as the Mets are debating whether to give him surgery to repair the nagging hip that has bothered him for some time now.

Instead of talking about the game, which remained close throughout, Morgan went on and complained that, with the daily grind catchers go through and the days off they take after night games, the SF Giants shouldn’t have their catcher hit cleanup. Sorry, Joe. You’re wrong again. Look at Mike Piazza. He was fine as far as I’m concerned. Only the most home runs as as catcher in history of baseball. Not big or anything…………….

As for the game, Mike Pelfrey balked three times in the game, but gave the Mets a quality outing. In his six innings, he gave up only two runs on six hits, but the Mets were unable to get the bats going offensively.

Alex Cora, who was filling in for the injured Jose Reyes, was sent to the Disabled List after injuring his thumb on a slide into second early in the game. Fernando Tatis, who had not played shortstop in about a decade, filled in for the remainder of the game.

The first-place Mets will begin a series tonight against the Dodgers tonight in Los Angeles.


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