Manuel fails to play the right outfielders

One of my favorite players in 2008 was Angel Pagan, who was off to a great start and won a starting outfield job to begin last season. He went through a series of injuries, but returned last night and tore up Dodger pitching with four hits.

There is no reason why he should not be the starting outfielder from here on out, as long as he stays healthy. Daniel Murphy, who is young, inexperienced, and has too long of a swing to succeed right now in the major leagues, can spend his time platooning at first base while Delgado is gone.

Manager Jerry Manuel also needs to give Ryan Church the playing time he deserves. Church is a great hitter who started off the season hot but fell into a slump (so what? every hitter goes through a slump) and Manuel decides to give Gary Sheffield more playing time.

While I understand Sheffield has a hot bat right now, I still think the ignorant and clueless-at-times Manuel will screw Church out of at-bats time and time again for the remainder of the season.

With that all put together, the outfield that quite obviously gives the Mets the best chance to win would be to put Pagan in left, Beltran in center, and Church in right.


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